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about us

Zhongshan Rongdi Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the second industrial zone of Xun Guang Cheng, Zhongshan city. The company mainly develops, produces and sells mechanical lubrication pump, electric oil pump, electric dilute oil pump, oil separator, copper joint of tubing, lubricating element and so on.

At present, Rongdi company products include a series of concentrated lubricating oil and grease series, which are widely used in automobile, engineering machinery, wind power, high speed rail, CNC machine, machining center, automatic production line and machine tool, plastic, rubber, textile, printing, forging, die-casting, food, packaging, electricity. Machinery and equipment in industries such as ladder, mine, metallurgy and chemical industry.

We can provide you with the most suitable lubrication system design, products and services according to your requirements. Rongdi company, with professional mechanical lubrication equipment manufacturing experience and advanced reliable technology, actively independently develop and manufacture advanced products to lead the future, with better products and services to provide a full range of mechanical lubrication solutions for different customer needs.
Because we have four advantages
  • Grease Lubrication System
  • Dilute oil Lubrication System
  • Motor Pump
  • Tubing
  • Lubricating Joint
  • Lubricating Parts
  • Unclassified
Lubrication characteristics and use techniques of metal cutting machine tools 2018-06-08

Metal cutting machine tool (machine tool) is a large scale and wide variety of equipment, its structure characteristics, machining accuracy, automation, working conditions and the use of environmental

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Selection and test machine for mechanical lubrication pumps and piping 2018-06-08

1, calculate the total fuel consumption of the system and determine the interval interval of lubrication.2. Determine the length of the tube and the size of the pipe diameter.

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Lubrication management of industrial lube oil 2018-06-08

Industrial lubricating oil is a technology intensive product. It must be guided by technology and service. Lubrication management is a very important topic in the sale of industrial lubricants. Only b

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Recommendation and technical information for the use of lubricating oil 2018-06-08

Recommendation and technical information for the use of lubricating oil

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Service Hotline:0760-22830921



Tel:13925334575 Liang Sen Rong

Add:No.6, Guangtian Road, No.2 Industrial Park,

Xiguangcheng, Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong

Province, China